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You know what my favorite thing about the Pokemon TCG is? The attack names:







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Clemont and Luxio - Possible Parallels?


I got this idea after reading noodlerama's post saying that Luxio fits Clemont well since the Luxray line is based off lions and that lions are the symbols of courage and that courage is something Clemont wants more of. I completely agree, it is an ideal fit for Clemont.


As we can see here, Clemont and Shinx hung out when they were just kids. The summary says that the two were separated by a certain incident which broke off their friendship. Now my main concern here is how Shinx/Luxio will be portrayed. I find that the personality of a ‘cowardly lion’ would be ideal for Luxio for several reasons.

Firstly, both Clemont and Shinx have grew up in a way. Shinx has evolved into Luxio and Clemont grew up to be a gym leader. They are both older and more mature. However, not quite.

To make things interesting, they are both adolescent.

Luxio is stated to be based off an adolescent lion, still not a fully grown lion like Luxray, meanwhile, Clemont is still a teenager (highly likely given Bonnie’s tendency to pair him up with older women)

Clemont lacks the bravery, which is something he desires so bad, he wants to become more courageous. Luxio could be portrayed similarly. It may have evolved, but it’s not as strong as it would like to be, or possibly not as brave - it is not a fully grown lion yet, both physically and mentally, it has a lot of growing to do. 

Clemont and Luxio - many parallels could be made between these two. They could work with each other, support each other as they try to achieve a mutual goal - the one of achieving courage.

God, that is something I would really like to see: an actual Pokémon in Clemont’s team that develops alongside him, a Pokémon that symbolizes Clemont’s development and is there for more than just cheap marketing.

Fingers crossed that this actually happens. 

Or something similar anyway.

It would, not that you may have intended for this, make a good reference to the Wizard of Oz; the lion was seeking courage. 

Honestly, the greatest injustice of Best Wishes, if you ask me; the fact that Jimmy Ray (Watchog Guy) got mere seconds of screentime despite being the most promising CoTD in an era. 

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